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Why Meri & Robyn’s Marriage Certificates Are So Valuable

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Meri and Robyn have both equally been legally married to Kody. Sister Wives fans imagine Meri and Robyn secretly treasure their marriage certificates.

Kody Brown insists that his lawful marriages are no more significant than his non secular connections with his polygamous spouses in Sister Wives, but Meri and Robyn’s treasured marriage certificates reveal otherwise. Sad to say, Kody was only capable to legally marry one particular of his sister wives at a time, and whilst Kody assured his non secular spouses that they were just as crucial to him as the wife or husband the state of Utah identified, Sister Wives viewers aren’t so guaranteed. From the sister wives’ contentious connection to their passion for the legal papers, here’s why Sister Wives fans believe Meri and Robyn’s relationship certificates are valuable.


Whilst Meri and Robyn are two of the closer Sister Wives stars, Kody’s relationships with the pair of wives could not be much more opposite. Kody and Meri launched the Brown spouse and children in 1990, but more than the three a long time they’ve been alongside one another, Kody and Meri’s partnership has shown the flaws of polygamous marriages. When Robyn joined the Brown family’s plural marriage in 2010, she swiftly became the apple of Kody’s eye. Regrettably, Kody unsuccessful to distribute his passion evenly and remaining Meri feeling lonely for yrs as he centered his awareness on Robyn. Despite the fact that neither sister wife wants to accept the importance of their authorized files, supporters believe Meri and Robyn’s relationship certificates are beneficial mainly because they symbolize their associations with Kody.

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Even though Kody would have most popular to be legally wed to all of his wives, only Meri and Robyn Brown at any time received the possibility to be formally married to the patriarch. Meri remained Kody’s legal wife right up until the patriarch desired to undertake Robyn’s youngsters and believed it would facilitate the system for him to be married to Robyn in the eyes of the regulation. Sadly, Kody experienced to divorce Meri prior to he could legally marry Robyn. Though he promised this was only about lawful conflicts and would have no impact on their romantic relationship, Sister Wives lovers have argued that this was the beginning of the close for Kody and Meri. Even Robyn and Meri have acknowledged how significant they come across their marriage licenses to be in Sister Wives. A person Reddit user recalled, “Meri discovered her certification in a box… [and] even explained she was heading to retain it.”

Meri Brown frowning in Sister Wives

Immediately after recovering her outdated certificate, Sister Wives followers recounted how Robyn joked about Meri burning it, to which Meri challenged Robyn Brown to melt away hers first. While Robyn and Meri might’ve meant to exhibit how insignificant the parts of paper are, Sister Wives‘ audience thinks this conversation speaks to just how significant Meri and Robyn’s relationship licenses are to them. Just one fan posed the query, “If non secular marriages were/are a lot more critical than authorized ones, then why conserve and Frame the certificate?” Some viewers believe that Robyn cares so a great deal about the marriage certificates that she wanted to get rid of Meri’s so there would be significantly less proof Kody was wed to another woman. A commenter speculated, “Robyn required to be capable to faux she was Kody’s a person and only legal spouse.” They are only pieces of paper, but Meri and Robyn’s marriage certificates are valuable to sister wives.

Meri and Robyn’s interactions with Kody have a myriad of variances, and while they act like the legislation won’t have an impact on their plural spouse and children, Sister Wives enthusiasts think the wives’ relationship certificates symbolize their disparate connections with Kody. From Meri framing her paper to Robyn joking about burning it, Sister Wives followers imagine Meri and Robyn’s marriage certificates are so precious to them. Unfortunately, both Kody’s legal and spiritual marriages are heading down in flames in Sister Wives.

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