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‘Sister Wives’: The Surprising History and Connections Between Kody and His 4 Wives

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‘Sister Wives’: The Astonishing Heritage and Connections In between Kody and His 4 Wives

After 16 seasons and additional than 10 several years on Television, Sister Wives fans may feel they know the Brown loved ones. Kody Brown is in a “spiritual relationship” with his very first spouse, Meri Brown, second spouse, Janelle Brown, and fourth wife, Robyn Brown. He is lawfully only married to Robyn right after divorcing Meri and tying the knot with Robyn in 2014 for legal reasons in order to adopt Robyn’s 3 youngsters from a prior relationship. 

Kody’s third spouse, Christine Brown, introduced her decision to divorce the salesman in November 2021 soon after welcoming 6 children with him during their 25 many years of relationship. 

And although substantially is recognized about the present status of Kody’s marriages, fewer is documented about his intricate connections to the 4 females he’s married and their family ties to him. 

Here’s what ET uncovered:

Janelle, Meri, and Kody Brown


Kody’s first wife, Meri, grew up in a polygamist spouse and children and experienced 27 siblings. Kody and his household joined the faith later in his life and Kody and Meri fulfilled at church when she was 18. They were introduced by means of Kody’s sister, Christy, at the time. 

“I was a very little taken with Kody suitable off the bat,” Meri said in the family’s 2012 e book, Starting to be Sister Wives. “He was unquestionably sweet, and had a excellent attitude. He was talkative and engaged me in discussion, and made me sense comfy around him.” 

Kody stated of Meri in the e-book, “Meri was so lovable and sweet when I met her that I had a really hard time suppressing my hopelessly romantic nature. She had a remarkable purity about her. I had a sneaking suspicion that we were soulmates.” 

While the two abstained from any bodily intimacy ahead of finding engaged, which include kissing, they tied the knot in April 1990, noting that they ended up each absolutely conscious of their intention to incorporate far more wives to the household. 

Kody and Janelle Brown


Whilst Janelle was Kody’s 2nd wife, he was also her second partner. She achieved her first spouse, Adam Barber, in significant school and promptly understood that she was a lot more interested in his family members and their religion than in him. 

“My spouse was not definitely intrigued in either his new religion or the branch of fundamentalism he’d been elevated in,” Janelle defined of her ex in the 2012 memoir, Becoming Sister Wives. “He had quite very little religious conviction. His loved ones, nonetheless, fascinated me.” 

In point, Janelle first met Kody when he and Meri had been nevertheless dating, and she was in the center of a “awful divorce” with her 1st partner, who is, in reality, Meri’s brother. 

Janelle explained meeting Kody as “the strangest experience,” stating, “I felt as if I experienced neglected a thing and quickly remembered it. It was a emotion of reduction and recognition.” 

Janelle even attended Kody and Meri’s wedding with her very first husband, who at the time was Kody’s brother-in-legislation. 

As if this wasn’t complicated more than enough, Janelle’s possess household before long built-in into Kody’s. Janelle observed in the guide that she was not lifted in a polygamist family and her very own mom, Sheryl, was from the concept, right up until she achieved and before long married Kody’s father, Winn, turning into his third wife. This made Janelle’s upcoming father-in-legislation her stepfather. 

As for Kody and Janelle, Kody described their romance as having more to do with “spirituality and intellectual compatibility,” but added that he discovered her “extremely beautiful.” 

For their courtship, they only went on a single day and were married two weeks later. 

Kody and Christine Brown


Just like Meri, Christine grew up in a polygamist loved ones and achieved Kody and Meri as a result of her sister, Wendy, when she was 19. They formed a friendship at initial. Kody mentioned in Starting to be Sister Wives that he noticed Meri and Christine’s friendship and knew Christine was starting to be intrigued in him early on, but felt his marriage to Meri was even now far too new to bring in one more sister spouse. 

But Kody and Meri courted an underage woman that Christine introduced them to, and Christine felt she was too young and wonderful, and the couple’s decision to go on to courtroom the female turned her off from them. She temporarily shut herself out of the concept of most likely becoming a member of their loved ones. Ultimately, Kody and Meri identified as off the marriage with the other woman. Kody later helped Christine offer with her emotions adhering to her have parents’ divorce, which aided to reignite the spark concerning them. Right after 6 weeks of courtship, they married. 

“Her kindness and her optimistic nature brokered a peace in our domestic,” Kody claimed of Christine in the reserve. “Christine saved our bacon, as I like to say. She saved the Browns.” 

Despite this, Christine pointed out that it took her and Kody a yr to “fall completely head in excess of heels for each and every other” right after their wedding day. 

Like Janelle, Kody was also Robyn’s second husband. Robyn married David Preston Jessop, a fellow member of the faith, when she was 21 and pointed out in Becoming Sister Wives that their marriage “struggled from the commence.” 

According to The Ashley Fact Roundup, David is the first cousin of Christine and 3rd cousin of Kody. Robyn and David had 3 children together and Robyn said that she planned to have sister wives, but that their relationship failed to very last extensive adequate for them to welcome a 2nd spouse. 

“What started off off as unstable disintegrated into one thing harmful,” Robyn wrote of her 1st marriage. 

Robyn very first observed Kody all through a visit to her cousin, Reba’s, church. 

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I felt as nevertheless I would been shot by means of with a bolt of lightning,” Robyn wrote of the come across, stating she was “stunned” and “ashamed” by her response. 

Determined not to enter into just about anything evenly because of to her divorce, Robyn pushed aside all those feelings, but did build a shut friendship with Meri, who encouraged Kody to pursue a courtship with Robyn. 

“Each Meri and I ended up convinced that Robyn experienced a excellent spirit — type and profound,” Kody wrote. “Even our brief dialogue with her stirred our souls. We preferred to get to know her greater. I felt an undeniable relationship to this woman I experienced just met, as did Meri. This link was so deep and spiritual that it retained us up all night time.” 

Robyn experienced a substantially more time courtship with Kody — 6 months — insisting on obtaining to know her upcoming spouse totally prior to agreeing to marry him. 

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