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Why Fans Don’t Think Kody Brown Proves Polygamy Is Wrong

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Kody Brown’s plural relationship came to a brutal stop in Sister Wives time 16. Supporters don’t consider Kody’s unsuccessful marriage is evidence polygamy is completely wrong.

All over his previous ten years generating unpopular selections in Sister Wives, Kody Brown has designed plural relationship glimpse like a bewildering mess, but admirers will not imagine the collapse of the Brown relatives is evidence that polygamy can not get the job done. Regrettably, Kody’s plural marriage has appear undone above the Brown family’s 16 seasons on fact tv, and even though some viewers think Sister Wives demonstrates the inherent flaws of polygamy, some others suspect the loved ones members are to blame for their marriage’s undoing. From Kody’s selfish personality to the Brown family’s unprecedented impact, here’s why Sister Wives admirers will not imagine Kody Brown proves polygamy is improper.


When it first debuted in 2010, Sister Wives grew to become a national phenomenon as the series eventually tackled the taboo subject matter of polygamous associations. For many supporters, Sister Wives was their initially point of reference for what it looked like to are living in a plural marriage. Regrettably, this also intended that the Brown family members had the challenging undertaking of representing each polygamous marriage all over the entire world. Kody even quickly took this duty to heart when he fought for the Supreme Courtroom to make polygamy authorized. Sadly, Sister Wives year 16 verified the close of Kody’s unique plural relationship, convincing some viewers that spiritual unions you should not get the job done. Although the Brown family’s relationship unsuccessful, Sister Wives supporters really don’t think Kody Brown proves polygamy is completely wrong.

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A typical criticism of polygamy is that the spouse is not able to keep all of his wives content and ends up obtaining as well substantially command of his gaggle of spouses. Throughout his controversial run in Sister Wives, Kody has verified that this can be the circumstance in polygamous associations. Regrettably, the Brown family’s followers have witnessed most of Kody’s religious spouses endure extreme loneliness in Sister Wives. After Kody welcomed Robyn Brown into his relatives in 2010, the faults of the patriarch’s plural relationship had been discovered. Regardless of whether Meri felt like she has to convert to a stranger online for affection or Christine decided to leave the household completely, Kody’s polygamous undertaking has confirmed to be a failure. Some followers have argued that just since the Brown relatives has not figured out how to run a functioning plural connection does not mean it is really impossible, nevertheless.

Kody Brown in Sister Wives

Though it may be easy to point to polygamy as the cause of all of the Brown family’s problems, Sister Wives supporters only believe Kody is to blame for his plural marriage’s downfall. Viewers suspect that if Kody was a much more attentive husband, he could have preserved a balanced marriage with all 4 of his religious spouses. Rather of offering all of his wives passion, nevertheless, Kody addressed his partnership with Robyn like a monogamous marriage, icing out Meri, Janelle, and Christine. A Reddit user shared, “It truly is like stating ‘make [monogamous] marriage illegal’ because a great deal of periods it ends [in] disaster.” Yet another supporter simply just cemented, “I really do not think [polygamy] should be unlawful just simply because the Browns are negative at it.” Kody’s plural marriage experiment could possibly have finished in flames, but Sister Wives supporters never think Kody Brown proves polygamy is normally incorrect.

Kody has shown that polygamy demands a great deal of perform and can usually guide to chaos, but Sister Wives supporters don’t consider the Brown spouse and children must discuss for all plural marriages. Fans will not believe Kody Brown proves polygamy is wrong due to the fact viewers believe that his polyamorous pursuit is just just one of many marriages that fell apart because of to a absence of affection. The good thing is, Sister Wives is no for a longer period the best area to go for positive polygamous representation.

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