July 25, 2024

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Pot legalization doesn’t increase teen use, says study

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NEW YORK — The legalization of marijuana does not guide to amplified cannabis use among the adolescents or Black people in any age group, but it was a different story for Hispanics and non-Hispanic white grown ups, in accordance to a extensive-ranging review revealed in the Journal of the American Professional medical Affiliation last week. 

Hispanics and non-Hispanic white adults reported amplified cannabis use on a monthly or annually foundation after their states legalized weed, according to researchers from the Columbia College Mailman School of General public Health, who polled about 838,000 Americans in 9 states before and after weed was legalized in each individual.

But there was no before-and-right after outcome on every day marijuana use: Throughout all ages and races, every day marijuana use stayed the exact same following states legalized cannabis, in accordance to the conclusions. 

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