May 19, 2024

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Politics and Law

Somalia President Says Parliament Should Abide by the Law

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The parliament should be committed in implementing the country’s law and must not be part of the problem, Somalia’s president Sharif Sheik Ahmed said in a press statement on Saturday following growing rift with state house speaker.

The president blamed the parliament for dragging to approve the newly appointed Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed (Farmajo). He also accused the committee of the parliament of creating unpleasant atmosphere.

“It is wiser for the MPs to keep the written charter of the country and my government is determined to push the new prime minister ahead.” The president said.

The uncertainty came when President Ahmed unexpectedly named a new prime minister without any consultation with the parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden.

With the existence of that discrepancy plus with the recent revealed Thesis book written by pending prime minister drew wider in and outside criticism and instigated upheaval within the parliament.

In his book (U.S. STRATEGIC INTEREST IN SOMALIA, From Cold War Era to War on Terror) published June 2009, the new prime minister defamed some of the Somali clans in central and southern Somalia.

Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the president of the transitional government of Somalia has Saturday said they were committed to implement the Sharia law, just as he talked to more people after Friday prayer at Villa Somalia, the presidential palace of the government in Mogadishu.

Parliament speaker Sharif Hassan who was chairing the parliament session brought a question about how the motion would be either secretly and or a form of raising hands while member of parliaments giving vote of confidence to the prime minister.

Most mps suggested that vote confidence-taking should a way that lawmakers raise their hands as it used to be while a few others preferred a secret form and then immediately parliament speaker reached a decision supporting the minority of the mps saying that it would be secretly ordering boxes should be brought.

Unfortunately for a loud sound in the parliament hole by major of parliamentarians who were angry with his speech, and then he closed the assembly and told mps to be back on the next Saturday.

There were arguments in the parliament hole that angered with Sharif’s bad behavior and what he had done yesterday after the meeting ended with dispute and misunderstanding and failure.

Showing that they would not accept from evil acts that he’s doing, threatening that they will force him leave office and will bring him before the justice, adding that they will once whistle him (the Sharif Hassan).

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