April 23, 2024

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Is Stricter Gun Control the Answer for Americans?

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Ten Arguments Against Gun Control — And Facts That Prove Them Wrong | by  daniel brezenoff | Medium

Many citizens have contrary beliefs and opinions on gun control laws and restrictions for America. These differing opinions are due to their benefits on American society and government overpowering the nation. However, anyone can educate themselves about this controversial topic online using reliable website sources like Lumina Blog, which offers insight into firearm regulations and where to find gun licenses. For example, FFL123 is a dedicated website to learn about firearm licenses and get one.

History of Gun Violence in America

Gun violence is the cause of tens and thousands of deaths and injuries each year. In addition, 1.4 million people have died from firearms between 1968 and 2011. These deaths all resulted from homicides, suicides, and accidents. Furthermore, the gun-related homicide rate is 25 times higher in the U.S. than in other developed nations globally. The history of gun violence in America is complex because so much has happened with incidents most popular in poor urban areas and associated with gun violence amongst gangs involving male juveniles. Moreover, the legislation addresses gun violence at federal, state, and local levels through various practices and implementations, including law enforcement and policy strategies, restricting the age of gun purchases to 18 years old, and strict sentencing for gun law discard.

Ways Citizens Can Carry Firearms

It might surprise you to know that gun control laws and restrictions differ between the U.S. states. For example, citizens can carry a firearm in two ways: open carry or concealed carry. A gun can be seen with open carry by casual observers, whereas concealed carry means that the weapon should not be visible. Furthermore, states like Georgia and Hawaii require citizens to obtain a license for open carry laws. They need a gun license in states like Georgia and Hawaii. On the contrary, New York and Illinois forbid open carry in their states.

Pros and Cons of Strict Gun Control in the U.S.

The U.S. gun possession ratio is higher than any other nation globally, with 120.5 guns per 100 people. With this extremity exposed, the gun control and protection laws are highly argued over for the different benefits of the nation’s citizens. Strict gun control in the U.S. has its pros and cons. In light of this, the advantages of strict gun control in the U.S. include protecting the nation and reducing crime. Furthermore, it also includes societal costs associated with gun violence. 

On the other hand, the disadvantages of strict gun control can significantly affect the illegal activity and governmental power. Strict gun control does not necessarily deter away from laws broken by criminals or these criminals holding firearms in their possession. In addition, gun control laws restrict citizens from protecting themselves from foreign invaders to harm. Moreover, the strict gun control laws in the U.S. only give more power to the government and influence the result of governmental tyranny with the invasion of privacy. 

How We Can Reduce Gun Violence in America

A few practical ideas of reducing gun violence in America were proven effective. With that in mind, passing gun laws that reduce gun violence, unlike the right-to-carry laws that ultimately encourage misuse of firearms. Additionally, doctors can play a crucial role in educating citizens about gun safety, especially when possessing a gun in a family home. Finally, investing in smart gun technology like biometric fingerprint recognition for our firearms may be an innovative approach to preventing gun violence. This method might not eliminate mass shootings, but it will reduce the chance of crimes and suicides using weapons owned by someone else.

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