May 24, 2024

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How to Train Racing Pigeons

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Good training in young birds; I have found is critical in giving them every opportunity to win particularly the first couple of races.

By taking your youngsters as close to the first race point as possible you will increase your chances of winning and you shouldn’t be worried about whether they will do the distance even as close to 1 week before the race.

In my experience, the first few young bird races are more about the birds knowing their way home rather than fitness or health (although clearly very important). If a young bird has actually been to, or been close to the first race point it will invariably set off quickly and avoid the pack because of the confidence it has.

In the first few young bird races there are generally many birds entered which have not had the necessary amount of training which can disrupt the pack causing confusion resulting in many birds setting off in the wrong direction. So, definitely as part of your training programme make sure your birds have already done the distance and know the territory.

By race 3 or 4, most of the birds entered will have raced previously and will have gained the necessary experience, so it will be more of a level playing field, but winning or definitely being competitive in that first race isn’t difficult if you invest the effort in those all important training tosses.

This is something I have made sure I’ve done every race year for the past 30 years and I’ve always had good success.

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