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Who Is Ragnar Storyteller, The Runemaster Who Has Combined Runes With Quantum Physics?

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Who Is Ragnar Storyteller, The Runemaster Who Has Combined Runes With Quantum Physics?

Before you embark on using the Runes for Rune Meditation, Rune Yoga, Rune Study, Rune Magick, or Bindrune Making, make sure that you know something about the person you are taking the instructions from.

Why? Runes are Universal Creative Energies and therefore very, very powerful. They were never meant for divination or writing. They were meant to CREATE.

Each individual Rune is a key to a very powerful energy.

Don’t play around with them!

Ragnar Storyteller is my earned viking name because of all that I have written about Odin and the Vikings.

Ellis Peterson is my other name. I am a Swede. My ancestors are from Upsala. My father and grandfather are both viking berserker’s. They would fight at the drop of a hat all the while biting on their tongues. My grandfather lost an arm when he fell off a 3 story roof while tarring it. That did not stop him. He would still go to the bar and when he was drunk pick a fight, even with one arm. I have their blood running through my veins.

At 70+ I fight with my mind and the runes.

They are both in Valhalla now. My grandfather was gassed in France in WWI. My father’s ship was torpedoed at the Battle of Midway in WWII. I followed in their footsteps and am a Koreran War vet.

But I see now that we cannot protect our Northern European Heritage by fighting. These are not the times for that. So I am now choosing the Sword of the Mind to battle on for my kindred.

Being a greybeard I see things now a lot clearer that I did when younger. I see that man’s purpose on earth is to evolve. To become godlike, so said Nietsche and others.

First of all, I am 70+, a retired math professor and electrical engineer. I am a radionics and orgone technology scientist and have made my own devices.

I am a Viking Skald and Runemaster. I have been studying the runes for 25 years. I belonged to several well known Asatru Groups in Arizona. I ran an Asatru Prison Ministry where I communicated and sent free literature to over 700 viking inmates in jails and prisons.

I wrote several books on Odin and Vikings. I have written over 200 articles and essasys (many are on my websites.)

I run two successful websites.


What is it I write? I am the first Viking to try and bring the Runes and the gods/goddesses of our ancestors out of the dark ages of Viking raids and into the light of the 21st century. I use the language and science of Radionics and Quantum Physics to do my rituals and blots. The god’s of Arizona don’t like this.

I write for the individual Viking who wants to work from home and not join one of their organizations. They do not like this. I say that I have not met a Viking Godi with any power. They do not like this. I say we can no longer go into the woods and do blots and rituals out of outdated ritual books and ask the gods/goddesses to come down and help us. They don’t like this.

Why are they and us at times, so childish to think that we have earned the right for the manifestation of a god or goddess into our lives? They don’t like this.Closed minds in any religion are dangerous.

Beside what would we do with the giant red bearded Thor if he were to manifest himself into our lives. He would be out of place just like axe or sword would be out of place on a modern field of battle.

Although we cannot manifest the God Thor into our lives, we can use the science of Quantum Physics to attract the RUNIC POWERS OF THOR out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives.

Gods do not do things for us. Thor will not protect us. But by attracting Thor’s energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives we can protect ourslves. Same with all the energies of all the gods and goddesses.

I have been to many Asatru blots in the woods. I have never met a Godi who had any power to manifest a god/goddess of the North into our circle. Why? Because they do not have the runes inside of them. No power!

The runes are the key to the gods/goddesses. Each Rune is a key to a powerful energy and is associated with a god/goddess. So when you learn how to get the runic energies inside of you. you will not become Thor, but you will be Thor-like. You will have his energies and power.

I have never seen another site on the net that talks about bringing the runes and gods/goddesses into the 21st century.

I told the Godi’s and self appointed leaders of the various Asatru groups what I thought and they marked me outlaw.

So be it!

I told you that I never met a Godi (viking shaman) with power. But I have met Native American shamans with power. I spent a whole summer with a Cherokee Medicine Man, Willie Whitfeather, in the Arizona desert. He had power and I saw many of his manifestations.

He told me that real magic must be done alone and with proper preparation. Sweat lodges, vision quests and getting the spirit of what you wanted to do inside of you first.

He took me to Four Corners, Arizona and introduced me to the Grandfather, the 112 year old Hopi Shaman.

Talk about power. I was allowed to enter the sacred caves where the 3000 year old pictographs on the walls fortold of the arrival of Columbus and his three ships.

Why me? Willie said he could see my spirit and it was wise, powerful and true. He named me Curious Bear because of the constant stream of questions I asked him and the Grandfather. I wanted to KNOW!

Because of my intrusion, I was chased down the Arizona Highway by Apache Warrior spirits. You can read about it on one of my pages listed below.

Willie said that the whole massacre at Wounded Knee was all about power. The Native Americans were about to manifest the spirits of their great dead warriors to help them in their fight. The government knew all about their magick and power rituals so they slaughtered them all.

We have power and the power lies in our RUNES, not in outdated rituals.

I spent the last five years doing rune meditations, rune yoga, rune magick, rune rituals etc so that I could get the runic energies out of the quantum ocean ,where ALL energy exists, and into my aura. Now I carry them around with me and use them when I need them.

I have written about these new methods in the 110 pages on this website. They are different. They use the Laws of Quantum Physics, radionics and the secrets of MENTAL MIND MAGICK, which is thousands of years old. All shamans, magicians, voodoo priests etc know about them.

There have always been enlightened men and women. They all say one thing in common using different words. There is a great medium of mind and intelligence that knows and does everything. This thinking intelligence will create whatever the mind of man thinks into it. This infinite thinking stuff is what is now called the Quantum Ocean.

The Runes are in this Quantum Ocean. Therefore the Runes and the Laws of Quantum Physics offer us the greatest challenge and the greatest hope for our children and grand children through peace. love, cooperation and creativity.

Not with the 1000 year old axe and sword, hate, war and prejudice.

We discovered the Runes, Quantum Physcis and Radionics. Let’s use them. LET US OUT THINK THEM. Our Northern European minds are our greates weapon.

I know that this site and the information on it is not for everyone. But I say this: if we do not update our magic and rituals so that they are in tune with the 21st century, then Asatru will go the way of all the other religions who will not change. It will die as they are dying. You can see it all around you.



Even Willie Whitefeather is helping his people incorporate change. What do you think the Casinos are?

We discovered the sciences of Quantum Physics and Radionics. They are now our weapons of defense.

I hope you enjoy what I write and have the patience to practice with the runes. If you do then you can change your life for the better and strengthen the ancestral soul of our peoples.

Let us use the Runes and our Minds and fulfill our destiny of becoming more Godlike
Thank you

Ragnar Storyteller

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