June 14, 2024

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Find Out If Your Neighbor Has a Criminal Record Or Warrants

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Criminal record

A criminal record shows many details about a person. It shows what crimes have been committed and when, the city, if the person was arrested and even the outcome of court and what fines had to be paid. If the person did any jail time that will also be on there along with the estimated time the person is due to be released.

A criminal record not only shows the persons arrest record, but it can show any relatives. If the person has relatives close by sometimes the report will actually show the names and addresses of these people. It will show where the person use to live and any possible phone numbers that the person might have.

When a new neighbor moves into a neighborhood it is always best to take a few minutes and learn some history on them. If they are a know rapist or a pedophile everyone will want to be aware of this. It will help to keep the women and the children safe from any harm. If the person is a pedophile it is a law that they are suppose to report where they are moving so the authorities can notify the neighborhood. This does not always happen though so do not let the neighborhood be at risk by not knowing.


There are many different reasons a person could have an arrest warrant issued for their arrest. If they failed to appear in court for any reason then the judge will put a bench warrant in place for their arrest. If a person has committed a crime and there is proof the crime was committed by the person then there will be a warrant for their arrest.

Warrants are issued by judges and there has to be enough evidence to convince the judge the person was involved in the crime. If there is not enough evidence then the judge will deny the arrest warrant is issued. When the judge signs off on any warrants everything is then given to the police station. The station will enter everything into their database and now it’s an outstanding warrant. The outstanding warrant is in place until the said person is in custody. Once the person is arrested then the warrant is pulled from the database.

Should a neighbor be approached?

When a person runs a criminal records search on a neighbor there is a chance there could be a warrant for their arrest. It is never a good idea to approach anyone that is wanted by the law and ask them about any warrants. There is no telling how the person might react knowing that a person did a check on their name and found out they are wanted by the law. It is not worth the risk for the person to put themselves in danger. The best thing to do is call the proper authorities. Give the authorities the information that was found along with the address of the wanted person. Upon verifying the information the authorities will go to the given address and apprehend the person.

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