April 16, 2024

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Your religious liberty quiz

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(RNS) — The nature and extent of religious liberty in the U.S. has been a contested situation considering that the center of the final century and in new a long time a particularly neuralgic just one. Judicial choices and authorized expectations apart, what are your religious liberty druthers? If you have not considered the matter in the summary, this quiz will support you gauge your reaction to some of the spiritual liberty concerns the courts have wrestled with.

Remedy every single of the statements in the comment part down below with (a) for “yes,” (b) for “no,” (c) for “it is dependent,” and (d) for “not certain.” A subsequent column will evaluate the final results.

  1. Learners really should have a spiritual suitable not to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Services staff on army bases need to be permitted religiously mandated headwear irrespective of uniform costume codes. 
  3. Incarcerated individuals should be permitted religiously mandated headwear irrespective of jail gown codes.
  4. Young children need to have a spiritual appropriate to go to university without having staying vaccinated.
  5. People today ought to have the appropriate to proselytize in community areas no matter of anti-solicitation ordinances.
  6. Men and women need to have the correct to proselytize in semipublic areas like shopping malls and baseball stadiums.
  7. Instructor-led prayer really should be permitted in community educational institutions.
  8. Student-led prayer need to be permitted at general public school assemblies.
  9. Enterprise owners really should have a religious appropriate to refuse support to clients on the foundation of gender.
  10. Business homeowners really should have a religious correct to refuse company to prospects on the foundation of race.
  11. Pharmacists must have a religious ideal to refuse to offer contraceptive merchandise to prospects.
  12. Homes of worship really should be exempt from zoning polices.
  13. Spiritual businesses should be exempt from work anti-discrimination rules.
  14. Spiritual businesses should really be exempt from place of work basic safety polices. 
  15. Religious exemptions from vaccination mandates really should be allowed under any conditions.
  16. Religious exemptions from vaccination mandates ought to be allowed if clinical exemptions are permitted.
  17. Persons really should have a spiritual ideal not to function on their holy days.
  18. Religious companies need to have the same suitable to utilize for authorities funding that secular organizations have.
  19. Gals need to have a spiritual right to get hold of an abortion irrespective of authorities constraints.
  20. Indigenous peoples should really have a spiritual proper to refuse infrastructure design on land they deem sacred.
  21. Polygamy ought to be permitted as a religious proper.
  22. Publicly traded businesses ought to have spiritual rights.
  23. Spiritual organizations must have the right to refuse to cover contraceptive companies in their well being coverage plans.
  24. For-earnings corporations really should have a religious right to refuse to deal with contraceptive providers in their health coverage strategies.
  25. There really should be a spiritual appropriate to exercise ritual cannibalism.

Excess credit score: In 25 words or fewer, describe the rationale(s) for your answers.

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