July 25, 2024

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Your Employment – Knowing Your Rights

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You’re also entitled generally to good faith and fair treatment, including the right not to be terminated without good cause – a fair and honest reason on the employer’s part. In California, this means an opportunity to answer or respond to allegations made against you in the workplace. This is one way of saying that it’s your right to address any evidence of wrongdoing brought against you, and to explain your side of the story.

As an employee in California, it is also your legal right to be paid promptly for all work that you’ve performed up until your day of discharge. While still working for the company, you’re also entitled in many cases to break periods at appropriate times and for all overtime worked “off the clock.”

In California and most other states, you’re protected under law against discrimination on many bases- including race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability or medical condition. Where you can do so reasonably and in good faith, it is also your right to stand up and speak out about business practices that you suspect in good faith to be in violation of the law.

As a “whistleblower”, it is your legal right to complain to your appropriate managers about conditions in your workplace that you sincerely believe to be unsafe or in violation of the law. These include discrimination, retaliation, misrepresentations and many other actions legally considered to be unfair business practices. You have a related right against retaliation for filing one of these complaints in good faith.

If you are a victim of discrimination, retaliation or an unfair job termination, you’re more than welcome to contact our offices for a consultation and further advice tailored to your situation. All of these matters need clarification, as applied to your individual claims and issues.

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