May 19, 2024

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Politics and Law

Why We Need An Actual Balance Of Powers?: 4 Specifics!

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This nation’s Founding Fathers, seemed to realize, and recognize, perhaps, because, of their frustrations, previously, under the English system, it was essential, to create a system of government, where no one individual, nor small, elite group, possessed, too – much power! For, that reason, they emphasized the need for, a so – called, Balance of Powers, between the 3 branches of government! These branches are: The Executive (the President, Vice President, and his Cabinet and advisors, etc); Legislative (both houses of Congress); and the Judicial (Federal courts, etc). Unless, these, all, do their jobs, these protections, risk, lacking the most – desired, impacts, etc! In order, to ensure, our system of government, and all the associated, Constitutional guarantees (rights, and freedoms, in their entirety, not, selectively), we need, and must demand, all 3 branches, provide the level and degree of protection, we need, and should desire! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific circumstances, and conditions, etc.

1. No one branch/ individual should have too much power: Between 2017, through 2020, we witnessed, some of the potential dangers, when one individual or branch (Executive/ President Trump) exerted far – too much, power, and influence, and the other two branches, seemed to ignore, and/ or, overlook it, and/ or, resorted to populism, a personal/ political agenda, etc! We have never, in recent memory, seen the Legislative Branch, apparently, controlled, by members of the President’s Party, who seemed to, put Party, over the best interests, of the nation! Consider the level of hate crimes, vitriol, and questionable activities, taken!

2. Congress must legislate, and assume their budgetary responsibilities: Unless/ until the Legislative Branch, performs its duties, including being a significant part of the implied, necessary, Balance of Powers, and checks – and – balances, the United States, is, at – risk, of losing its identity, freedom, and rights, forever! Never, before, in recent history, have we observed, as much power, held by the Executive Branch, with the inherent, potential dangers, and ramifications, of that!

3. We need an independent, fair, non – partisan, non – political Judiciary: When, the Supreme Court, appears to be, stacked, because of 3 extremely, partisan nominations, and appointments, we risk losing some of our Constitutional guarantees, rights, and freedoms! When, long – running, judicial precendence, such as Roe v Wade, etc, are, being challenged, and the political gerymandering, and other measures, are, apparently, being, brazenly, taken, by several states, which put voting rights, for millions, at – risk, and the current level of hate crimes, is so high, we must understand, why an independent, fair, judiciary, is so important!

4. Need more common sense, bipartisan, for the greater good: We need more common sense, and less hypocrisy, in how we are governed. We can’t selectively, pick – and – choose, which rights, will be protected, and, under, which circumstances! Many feel if the Congress could not convict President Trump, what must someone do, to be removed?

Wake up, America, before it’s too late, to protect our democracy, etc! Will you demand, better, and more?

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