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Where To Buy Weed Online Legally In 2021? Best Stores To Buy Delta-8 Recreational Weed Gummies & Edibles

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People have been using weed since ancient times for spiritual, social, and medicinal purposes. Delta-9 THC was the go-to for many people until recently, but the introduction of a new delta-8 THC cannabinoid has changed that.

Delta-8 THC is the less potent form of delta-9 THC, derived from hemp rather than marijuana plants. Delta-8 THC gives people the high that they crave without the dreaded side effects. No longer will you have to feel that grim paranoia, fogginess, and increased anxiety that get in the way of your pleasurable experience.

Is Delta-8 Legal to Buy?

When it comes to checking legality, you need to be aware of how a cannabinoid is derived. All hemp-derived THC products are legal. Since delta-8 THC is hemp-derived, it is federally legal. THC products derived directly from marijuana are still considered controlled substances.

However, some states have banned delta-8 THC even though it is derived from hemp. These states include Alaska, Montana, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Utah, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, and Iowa. So if you’re a resident of one of these states, you cannot legally obtain delta-8 THC products.

To ensure that their products are legal, manufacturers derive their delta-8 THC from hemp and keep the THC level below 0.3%. The 2018 Farm Bill introduced these conditions for the legality of hemp products.

Best Online Delta-8 THC Vendors:

If you don’t feel like heading to the dispensary, you can just order delta-8 online.

We are here to help you identify reputable brands so that you can protect yourself from such scams. Here are our recommendations for the best delta-8 brands for legal weed:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Top Quality Weed Gummies & Edibles
  2. BudPop – Most Potent Delta 8 Products
  3. DeltaEXTRAX – Best Value THC products

#1. Exhale Wellness: Top Quality Weed Gummies & Edibles


Exhale Wellness is a Los Angeles-based brand. Their team consists of researchers, cultivators, and enthusiasts with extensive experience in the organic food industry. They have a reputation for delivering top-notch products that they have perfected over the years.

Exhale Wellness has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Observer, and Ministry of Hemp. Their widespread acclaim is a testament to the brand’s trustworthiness.


Their delta-8 products are unique in the market and have become standard for the industry. Every Exhale Wellness product features vegan ingredients that are all organic with superfoods added to improve user experience. In addition, these products do not have any gluten, dairy, GMO, or artificial flavors that negatively affect your health.

Exhale Wellness ensures perfection by making sure that all of its products are hemp-derived. They don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or other such chemicals during the cultivation process. Furthermore, they have partnered with hemp farms in Colorado, so all of their products are derived from the best cannabis grown in the U.S.

Their delta-8 product collection features flowers, tinctures, capsules, pre-rolls, capsules, gummies, cartridges, cigarettes, and other edibles. Their cartridges are free of MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil.

Exhale Wellness tests all its products through independent third-party labs. Extensive testing ensures dosage accuracy and ensures that no pesticides were introduced during cultivation. Testing results regarding product potency and quality are available on the official website.

Delta-8 THC effects vary according to the medium of administration. For edibles like gummies, the effects can last four to eight hours. If you apply it below your tongue, like with a tincture, the results typically last between three and four hours.

⇒ Visit the official website of Exhale Wellness


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Hemp sourced from Colorado
  • 30-day return policy
  • Pesticide and herbicide free
  • Zero MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil in cartridges
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Free Shipping


Customer Reviews

So far, Exhale Wellness has received excellent responses from customers. Their feedback praised the brand’s customer service, saying that their agents were helpful and thorough in their responses. In addition, the customer service guided delta-8 novices thoroughly to help them choose a suitable product for their experience level and needs.

The products themselves have also reached customer acclaim. Exhale includes customer product reviews on its websites, allowing customers to source the reports of their peers regarding product quality and efficacy. Users noted positive experiences after usage of Exhale products. They report that the brand’s delta-8 THC products have helped with anxiety, insomnia, pain, and have generally served as a good experience for them. You can verify all these claims yourself by visiting their website.

#2. BudPop: Most Potent Delta 8 Products


The experts behind BudPop boast a combined 30 years of experience in the industry. You can rest assured that they know what they are doing and are committed to bringing you only the best delta-8 products in the industry.

BudPop has premium products that have the potential to become the leading force in the delta-8 THC market. That much is apparent, judging from the attention they have received from Forbes, Observer, LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, and Men’s Journal. Since its launch, BudPop has established itself as a brand associated with quality.


BudPop has a vast collection of products that they manufacture according to the highest standards of quality. The collection includes gummies, cartridges, and flowers. The best thing is that, if you are not sure which product is suitable for you, the website has a quiz that can help you decide which BudPop product will meet your needs.

BudPop delta-8 THC products are 100% hemp-derived and thus covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. BudPop sources all its hemp from Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada and assures us that all the hemp they use is organic with no harmful additives. The brand manufactures its products in its facility in Nevada under strict quality control protocols.

There are absolutely no toxins involved in the production of delta-8 merchandise at BudPop. They go one step further to assure us of that by having their products tested by third-party labs. For more information, the results of these tests are available on their website.

You will be happy to know that all BudPop products are vegan. There are no animal derivatives used during production. Moreover, their products are infused with natural plant-derived terpenes and never include GMOs.

⇒ Visit the official website of BudPop


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Test reports available online
  • Organically grown hemp
  • 30-day return policy
  • 48 hour order processing


  • Limited range of products

Customer Reviews

BudPop has had a majority of positive feedback. Users reported getting high from delta-8 THC without feeling too intoxicated. The products merely take the edge off to help with anxiety and to relieve stress. Customers have also reported that the products helped with pain relief and insomnia. Furthermore, they appreciated the delicious taste and smell of the products. Check BudPop’s website for more customer reviews.

#3. DeltaEXTRAX: Best Value THC Products


DeltaEXTRAX has quite a reputation when it comes to delta-8. They have a wide range of products and are a trusted brand in the market. The brand is based in California and produces legal delta-8 THC products.

Featured by High Times, Dope Magazine, Ministry of Hemp, Merry Jane, Vapor Vanity, Leafly, Nature & Bloom, Herb, and PotGuide.com, DeltaEXTRAX relies on its extensive collection of products and strict safety practices to entice customers.


DeltaEXTRAX uses plant-based natural ingredients grown under strict cultivation protocols. They use hemp and CBD to produce their delta-8 THC products and develop their products using pure carbon dioxide extracted from cannabis oil and plant-derived terpenes.

DeltaEXTRAX has a dedicated Research and Development team focused on creating new delta-8 products while maintaining safety and quality standards. The result is apparent in its extensive product range. They offer cartridges, edibles, flowers, tinctures, pods, and concentrates.

A highlight for the brand is its extensive flavor collection. The brand offers various flavors for its products, including Strawberry Cough, Watermelon Candy, and Razzberry Kush. These and other flavors offered by DeltaEXTRAX appeal to a widespread audience of delta-8 fans.

Third-party labs test all DeltaEXTRAX products to ensure safety and quality. Extracts from each batch are tested, with lab results available on their website. In addition, they make sure that the amount of delta-9 THC used remains below 0.3%, which, according to the Farm Bill, is the legal limit.

DeltaEXTRAX also offers wholesale buying if you are interested in buying your delta-8 products in bulk. Something that customers may find inconvenient is that the brand does not accept any refunds or exchanges. They will replace products that arrive in substandard condition if alerted within fourteen days of order receipt. Shipping is limited to the U.S., except for those states that have banned delta-8 THC.

⇒ Visit the official website of DeltaEXTRAX


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Extensive range of flavors
  • Lab tests available online


Customer Reviews

DeltaEXTRAX displays their reviews on their website, where anyone can access them. The reviews are mainly positive, with users claiming that their products have helped with their pain, anxiety, and insomnia. They report feeling a pleasant buzz that is not overwhelming. In addition, they expressed satisfaction with the flavors, citing that they tasted great with no aftertaste.

However, reviewers caution that some products may be too intense for new users. Feel free to consult a doctor before ingesting delta-8 products.

Best Brands To Buy Delta-8 Online: Buying Guide

In the internet age, it comes as no surprise that you can now buy cannabis derivatives online. With the spreading legality of cannabinoids, it is essential to know what to look for when buying products online. There is an abundance of sketchy vendors online posing as legit retailers but selling substandard or even illegal products.

To save you the hassle, we’ve taken the time to list out the factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Ascertaining Value

There are various forms of cannabis available on the market. They may be THC-based or CBD-based. First, you need to be able to tell what sort of product you need. The next thing to consider is the amount of THC present. Anything containing more than 0.3% of THC is federally prohibited currently. Before purchasing, be sure to study all the ingredients and measurements.

Comparing Prices

Saving money is tempting, but falling for a sketchy product while thrifting can get you into trouble. Always check competitive prices from licensed dispensaries. After that, you can decide on the price that gives you the most value. One more thing to remember is that paying through a secure channel like PayPal or other popular methods is recommended.

Choosing The Suitable Product For You

For new consumers, it is vital to figure out what works for you. Delta-8 is available in multiple forms, such as edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges, or cigarettes. You have to decide on the best product that suits you. This may be dependent on any pre-existing health conditions you have or on your particular needs.

Customer Service

Choose a brand that has good customer service. They should know what they are selling. If the need arises, they should help walk you through the product’s manufacturing practices, the ingredients, and what would suit your case.

Select A Reputable Brand

After choosing the type of weed you want, find a legal retailer. Accredited retailers have official websites with legal notices, FDA disclaimers, accurate contact information, etc. Avoid those shady dealers that can harm your health and wallet.

How To Spot Shady Vendors?

You should always contact licensed dispensaries for weed. A dead giveaway for such dispensaries is their diligence when it comes to verifying your age. Of course, as the market expands, there are bound to be more than a few bad fish in the pond. Some things that can help you spot these businesses are:

Unbelievably Low Prices

Avoid buying products at unbelievably low prices. That usually means there is something shady going on with the vendor, like substandard production methods.

Unreliable Payment Methods

Choose vendors that use popular payment methods. If the vendor is asking for payment via a sketchy method, the chances are they are doing business illegally.

Questionable Websites

Avoid dispensaries that claim to be legit but have shady websites. That can mean content filled with typos, weird graphics, unclear sales policies, etc. You should therefore avoid any cheap-looking or unprofessional websites.

Underage And Illegal Trading

Make sure that you do not order delta-8 if you are underage. The legal age varies from 18 to 21 in states. While on the subject, do not order delta-8 to states that have not legalized its possession or consumption. Legitimate dispensaries don’t deliver there anyway, and you could get into a lot of trouble.

Benefits Of Using Delta-8 THC

We have already discussed that delta-8 THC is different from delta-9 THC because it is less intoxicating, giving the positive effects of delta-9 without causing intense paranoia.

People that use delta-8 THC have reported a more subdued high. They have claimed that they did not feel out of control while high because of delta-8. They have also said that they felt more energized after taking the delta-8 than they did before.

Some benefits of delta-8 THC that users have observed are:

Pain Alleviation

Delta-8 THC has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which makes it ideal for pain relief. Users report a reduction in the intensity of pain after delta-8 usage. People may use delta-8 THC to deal with chronic pain like sciatica, etc.

Increased Focus

Users have reported better focus after using delta-8 products. Some have experienced a clear high without fogginess. This allows them to proceed with their tasks much more quickly.

Improved Sleep

Delta-8 THC may have calming properties. Some users report reduced anxiety, which can result in lower heart rates and deep breathing. This relaxation helps some people sleep better. Therefore, it should be a big hit for those who have trouble sleeping, worrying about work, or about tomorrow’s to-do list.

Increased Appetite

Marijuana may make people feel very hungry. A 2014 study on mice showed increased food consumption, which led researchers to ponder whether delta-8 could treat weight loss disorders. While delta-8 is the less potent form, researchers speculate that it may produce similar results. There is reason to believe it may help with only a small dosage.

Alleviates Nausea

Delta-9 THC helps relieve nausea. The primary drawback to its usage for reducing nausea is the strong intoxication that comes with it. Delta-8 has solved this problem as it may alleviate nausea and vomiting without a strong high.

Relieves Anxiety

Delta-8 THC may help reduce anxiety. It may produce feelings of euphoria and happiness, but they are less intense than delta-9 THC, which allows the body to relax. This is because delta-8 THC has a mellow or clear-headed high.

Why Should You Buy Delta-8 Online?

With the legalization of CBD, delta-8 products have also become legal. This has led to increased sales of weed online. You no longer have to resort to shady dealers to purchase cannabis. These shady dealers can also give you substandard products which may contain toxins, their potency may be unknown, and their quality is untested.

Legalization means that you can get in touch with legitimate retailers to get what you need. The product that you receive this way will be safe and of high quality. Online shopping also allows you to assure yourself of the manufacturing process. You also have the ability to research each brand’s product formulation. Most reputable online brands have their products checked by a third-party lab. Because of this, they take extra care when it comes to the product’s safety and quality.

With online weed shopping, you have access to a broader market with a wide variety of products at your disposal. Therefore, you can choose any product that fits your budget. Online delivery also has the added benefit of delivering the weed to your doorstep so that you can receive your order quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

  1. What is delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a new cannabinoid that was introduced three years ago. Because it comes from hemp and less than 0.3% THC, it is legally accessible. It is the less potent form of delta-9 THC which means you can reap the benefits of delta-9 THC without the side effects. Because it is less potent, it gives you a more mellow high which means you will still have control but feel euphoric.

  1. Does delta-8 THC show up on a drug test?

Yes, it does. The drug tests can track THC, and while delta-8 is not as potent as actual marijuana, it does have minute amounts of THC, which will show up on a drug test. So, if you have one scheduled, avoid using delta-8 until the test is done. This means abstaining from delta-8 for a few weeks before the test so that the substance will leave your system.

  1. Is delta-8 THC legal?

According to the Farm Bill, delta-8 THC is legal since it is derived from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC. However, there are a few states that have declared it illegal. These eleven states are Iowa, Idaho, Alaska, Mississippi, Delaware, Colorado, Rhode Island, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, and Utah. Additionally, you need to be 18 or 21 to purchase and consume cannabis products, depending on the state you are in.

  1. Can I get addicted to delta-8 THC?

Yes, you can. Remember that any substance that can alter your mind is addictive if abused. That doesn’t mean you cannot consume delta-8 in smaller quantities or moderation. However, make sure that you do not take more than the proposed amount.

  1. Can I overdose on delta-8 THC?

You cannot overdose on delta-8 because it does not influence crucial body functions such as breathing. The same is the case for any other cannabinoid. However, you may feel side effects like red eyes, dry mouth, grogginess, increased appetite, and nervousness.

  1. How long will delta-8 THC effects last?

That depends on how you take delta-8, your metabolism, and your tolerance to delta-8. If you take edibles like gummies, the effects may last up to eight hours. If you take delta-8 THC as a tincture, the effects may last three to four hours, whereas if you inhale delta-8 THC, you may feel the effects for one to four hours. But, again, the effects are variable and may be expressed differently in different people.

  1. How can you take delta-8 THC?

You can take delta-8 THC in several ways. The first method is sublingual, which is by applying it underneath your tongue with tinctures. The second is by ingestion, such as eating gummies. Finally, you can also inhale it by vaping or smoking a cigarette.

As the states legalize weed, there is a whole new market for you to explore, especially with the increased use of delta-8 THC. This hemp-derived compound has revolutionized the cannabis industry. As we learn more about the applications of delta-8 THC, it will become even more prevalent.

Online availability has resulted in increased access to safe weed products. However, there are still some things you need to remember while shopping for weed. Hopefully, after reading this guide and review, you have learned everything you need to make an informed decision. No matter which brand you choose, we wish you a happy and healthy high, and if you follow these rules and guidelines, that is exactly what you will get.

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