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Wheatgrass, Health – – And the Law of Attraction

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I’m going to give you valuable information derived from my own experience and from the chapter, “Law of Attraction” in the book Love & Law, which is a compilation of the unpublished writings of Ernest Holmes, author of Science of Mind and the founder of Religious Science.

1. “You could not draw riches (of health) to you if you held the thought of poverty (of health)”:

If the possibility of health did not exist, you wouldn’t have an iota of a chance attracting it to you.

But health exists. In fact, it’s your natural state.
Now, popular versions of the “Law of Attraction” merely talk about the surface levels of abundance and poverty, in our case, health and illness. It goes something like this:

You’re thinking impoverished thoughts and that’s what you’ve attracted. Stop those thoughts. Reverse them and think positive thoughts of abundance and you will attract them in increasing quantity and quality over time. It’s a spiritual law and spiritual laws trump physical and man-made laws.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. But there some things not included in this:

  • Psychological Protection: Your impoverished thoughts actually might be a psychological way of protecting yourself against what you fear. On one hand, you’re scared of dying (fear) and on the other hand, you want this glorious but unknown quality called abundance of health. Many people are afraid of public embarrassment and humiliation and therefore never make the attempt to learn public speaking – a skill which can boost them to higher levels in all areas of their life. Fear is a powerful emotion and has kept our species safe. It also gets in the way of our urban life of abundance but you’ll never get rid of it — it’s practically hard-wired into you.
  • Physical Arena: As humans, we’re on Planet Earth and experiencing the combination of air, soil, water, light, other humans, and our thoughts being applied to all of these. Unless you’ve already mastered Divine Instant Manifestation and can materialize and dematerialize things, people, and situations at the drop of a hat, you need to not only change your thinking. You need to change your actions to be in accord with those good thoughts.
  • Social Connection: Although all is energy and all originates from a Divine Source, you’re going to get what you need and want through social connections: people. The largest corporation doesn’t function without people. You will not meet 99.99% of the people who touch your lives (like all the millions of people responsible for keeping the internet and telecommunications and electricity generation running so you can read this now), but everything and everyone will come into your life through people. Not from people, but through people. The natural environment brings you air, soil, water, and light. People bring you the rest. And of course, all of those come from the Divine Source.

So, go ahead and use the power of the Law of Attraction, but don’t expect it to work mightily for you if you lock yourself in a concrete bunker in the wild mountains 100 miles away from the nearest human being in order to protect yourself from your fears of situations and people.

2. “That person who can provide the best mental pattern – that is what we call realizing – that one who can do it the best, gets the best results”:

Ernest Holmes talks about the importance of crystal clarity in knowing what we want… then in keeping to the image or visualization… and not annulling or canceling the power of the thought with opposite thoughts.

He devotes an entire chapter entitled, “Relief from Responsibility” to this. The main message is your work is in creating that crystal clear image, clearing yourself of doubts that it can come about, then like a bird in the hand, releasing it to fly away. Your work is done.You’re relieved from further responsibility for doing anything. Why? The thought or image, spoken as a Word, has spiritual power, and is must be fulfilled unless a canceling thought destroys it. Christians call it Logos.

Most spiritual work is done in this area: clearing up doubt and convincing yourself that you personally are not responsible for the outcome. It can take years of work.

And by that time, 99% of today’s “Law of Attraction” enthusiasts will have moved onto something else only to begin again at the beginning. Then they wonder why they’re not making any progress. So, my good reader, stick with it.

3. “If we want particular things we must unify with them, we must make our at-one-ment with them.”

Ernest Holmes continues specifically with health:

“To make our at-one-ment with health would be to attract health. You cannot make you at-one-ment with health as long as you are at-one-ment with diease. You must shove disease away from your mind. It is not yours. It is only the personal you that thinks these things belong to you.

“The person who wants a concept of perfect health, real livingness, must see perfect life everywhere. What we think, what we think we image, what we image becomes, and so we must see perfect [health and] life everywhere in everybody.”

Ernest then continues by explaining how to apply this in wealth-building:

The big person with huge plans of building skyscrapers and ships and railroads (these are unpublished lectures from 1918) isn’t thinking about bags of peanuts for five cents each.

This part is especially important, and it’s the common theme of the magic of thinking big, of thinking beyond what you want, Shakti Gawain advises that when the flow of money comes in, challenge yourself to ask for even more in amount and in frequency.

Otherwise says Ernest Holmes, “the people would not be attracted.”

Harness this wisdom for your benefit:
This wisdom comes from my own decades of experience. I’m a health champion and have healed myself and thousands of others with the “law of attraction” power of wheatgrass. However like the simple steps above, not knowing what you’re doing with your “law of attracting health” wheatgrass can have consequences:

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