April 16, 2024

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Politics and Law

What’s the greatest conservation success in U.S. history?

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The restoration of the wild turkey population in North America gets this vote for the best success story in conservation.

Quite a few famous out of doors gurus have been speaking about what they think are the greatest conservation results stories of the past century. Their tips have spanned a huge array of subjects ranging from the development and expansion of the countrywide park program to cleansing up polluted waters which includes big river devices and the oceans.

I, as you may well have currently guessed, transpire to disagree with at the very least some of their recommendations.

The to start with conservation accomplishment story that jumps into my thoughts has to be the Lacey Act. This legislation protects all wildlife (together with mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians), and all lessen species (this sort of as insects, and particular crops of specific problem) that are shielded by any condition state regulation from staying trafficked in interstate commerce. In other words, if a particular person illegally shoots a deer in Michigan and then transports it to Ohio, that individual has violated the Lacey Act and can be prosecuted in a Federal court.

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