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The Municipal Court System in Springfield Missouri

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Guide to the Springfield MO Municipal Court - Ozarks DWI Law Clinic

The court staff provides a variety of administrative duties. They record alleged violations of city codes or ordinances, file documents and hear cases. They also provide customer service and manage the department’s property. Learn everything you need to know about the municipal court system in Springfield, Missouri.

The Municipal Court handles cases involving city ordinance violations. Defendants may be represented by a hired attorney or they can represent themselves in the case.


Municipal courts are courts with original jurisdiction over city ordinance violations. They also have jurisdiction over state law offenses, excluding felony cases. They are authorized to enforce forfeitures and penalties that the City’s Ordinances prescribe. They also have jurisdiction over other matters that are subject to City Charter provisions.

The Springfield municipal court has two judges. A judge presides over all court hearings and renders decisions based on Missouri state statutes, statutes within local cities’ charters, and case law that has been proven to be fair by previous precedent. The judge is also responsible for hiring and firing city employees, managing and overseeing courthouse property, and directing court staff.

If you’re facing charges in this court, you should have a qualified Springfield criminal lawyer by your side to ensure that your rights are protected. A seasoned attorney can reduce your chances of being convicted by handling all the necessary paperwork and communicating with the court on your behalf.


Judge Wendy Garrison has been appointed the new chief judge of Springfield’s municipal court, replacing Todd Thornhill. Garrison has been a judge in the municipal court since 2018, and she previously worked as an assistant public defender. She earned her law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

The municipal court handles a variety of cases, including driving while intoxicated and other city ordinance violations. The court also hears misdemeanor cases, such as petty theft, where the value of the stolen items is less than $200.

A DWI lawyer in Springfield Missouri can help you fight for your rights. In addition to reducing your fines and penalties, an attorney can explain legal procedures that you may not be aware of. The Springfield Municipal Court does not allow the accused to ask for legal advice from its staff, so you should hire a lawyer that will handle all issues with the court on your behalf.


The Springfield Municipal Court is a division of the 31st judicial circuit in Greene County and is committed to providing a forum for the fair and impartial trial of persons accused of violating city ordinances. Its cases routinely include driving while intoxicated, common assault, probation hearings and a variety of other violations ranging from traffic violations to shoplifting.

The court uses a standard complaint form and abides by Missouri’s criminal statutes and statutes within local charters to render decisions. The court also conducts administrative duties such as hiring and terminating city employees, managing and overseeing the courthouse property and court staff, and establishing and maintaining the rules of procedure for the court.

Appeals can be made to the circuit court, family, treatment, and probate courts. The court also has online resources such as Casenet and the Missouri Attorney General’s opinion search portal. Court records can be searched online by entering the litigant’s name, filing date, or case number.


Each case before the Municipal Court is unique and requires the undivided attention of a skilled lawyer. In addition, it is important that you understand the rules and procedures of the Springfield Missouri Municipal Court before you appear in court.

The Municipal Court of Greene County is committed to providing a forum for the fair and impartial trial of persons accused of violating Springfield city ordinances. The Court handles a variety of cases such as driving while intoxicated, assault, probation hearings and a number of other violations of local laws ranging from traffic to petty theft.

The Court annexes probation services through a contract arrangement with a private company. The costs of these services are borne by the City through its appropriations process. The Court regularly evaluates probation services to determine if they meet the needs of the court and probationers. This includes conducting pre-sentence investigations and following up with probationers to ensure compliance. It also includes monitoring the status of probationers ordered to treatment or educational programs.

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