February 26, 2024

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The Law of Allowing and the Law of Deliberate Creation

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The Law of Allowing
The Law of Allowing enables us to powerfully and passionately permit our focus with the Law of Attraction to become a reality. We were born into an environment where we all have choices. This is the beauty in our world which gives each of us the opportunity to find our passion, our calling. You are here to work on yourself. You are perfect in every way and can be happy with what you have created. If there are things you would prefer were different, then you can be thrilled to know that you can create that reality as well. It is a process of continual growth.

The Law of Allowing Others
Diversity creates a marvelous opportunity for growth. You are not here to change others. Accept that you can allow others to be as they are, to believe as they do. The only person you can effectively change is yourself. In changing the way you relate to others, you in effect change the way they relate to you because you have upset the balance in the way you interacted with them before. In accepting others as they are, you allow them to grow and to learn for themselves. The Law of Allowing loves diversity!

The Law of Allowing Yourself
Many successful businesses that are passed to the next generation slowly decline. The passion that built the company is not there unless those next in line are passionate about the work. If they are not, the successors take for granted what was given to them and the profits drop. So it is with our growth. Passion is the juice that makes it fun.

The Law of Allowing requires that you feel good. I was working as designer for a ladies wear company and I had a dream one night. The office I was in was identically to the one I went to every day with a couple of exceptions. Everything and everyone in the room was in black and white and there was a door in the corner that opened up to a glorious sight. Through the door I could see green fields, a beautiful flowing brook, deer, birds and butterflies all in living color. When I woke up the next morning I realized that the job and the people I worked with were sucking the life out of me. There was a lot of back biting and negativity in the workplace. It took me two minutes to decide to give my notice and look for other employment. My mood improved and I got excited about the opportunities that lay around the corner for me. Success is not measured in money if you lose yourself along the way.

The Law of Allowing Abundance
The Law of Attraction says that you attract those things and events in your life that correspond to your beliefs of worthiness and deserving. The Law of Deliberate Intent tells us that we are creating all time whether or not we believe this to be true and that we can deliberately choose what will enter our lives.

Once you understand these two laws you will want to work on Law of Allowing letting the abundance in. The trick here is to generate a feeling of well being or success that vibrates through out your body. Think about the feeling you get when you first fall in love, it courses through your body and the results are unmistakable. You glow with anticipation and excitement! By remembering a time when you felt incredible, you can recreate that feeling while anticipating the fun, joy and excitement of recognition you will achieve when you have reached your goal. The Law of Allowing makes your emotions work for you in a very beneficial way.

Imagine designing a life using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing instead of taking what comes your way. What if, by simply changing the way your feel, you could create a miracle in your finances, your personal life, and your career? Would you be willing to take the time necessary to still your mind and really focus on what makes you happy and build that vibration so that you can feel it coming to you? I know it works.

Someone once told me, “Don’t try to get the big goal with the Law of Attraction, right away. Play with some little ones. It will build your confidence when you see this truly works!” I sat there in Starbucks mulling this over and though that most of the people coming in seemed very low key, no smiles. So I started to get the vibration, the buzz going and focused on the fact that the next person walking through the door would look at me and smile. A man walked in, looked straight at me, smiled and said, “Good morning.” What a rush! Ok, but that could be coincidence. I agree, it could be.

Then I decided that I would buy a scratch and win lotto ticket and that I would win a small amount… two dollars would be fine! First I had to get the buzz going. It’s a good thing you can do this quietly and no one can tell what you are doing or the other patrons in Starbucks would have thought I was off my rocker. Over to the corner store, I walked, vibrating all the way. If this works it could be powerful don’t you agree? I entered the store and looked at the tickets, picked one and laughed at myself for being so gullible. I started to scratch it and what do you know… I won two dollars. Now you are probably thinking, “What’s two dollars?” The amount is not what is important, the fact it worked is!

On my walk home I focused on feeling good, on letting the Law of Allowing work for me. “I want a customer to place an order”, I thought. I could see the order and the money and that vibration was strong. On opening my email, it was there, the order from a client who I hadn’t heard from for quite awhile. These three small incidents with the Law of Allowing, right in a row, indicate to me that we have far more power than we give ourselves credit for. We just need to tap into the universe, give ourselves permission to feel good on a daily basis and enjoy the success it brings. I know the Law of Allowing works. Are you willing to give it a try?

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