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The best bird watching in Windy City Chicago

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Chicago's Lincoln Park is a popular bird-watching spot in the city.

Along Lake Michigan, Chicago’s landmark skyline, seashores and parks not only bring in tens of millions of site visitors annually, but also thousands and thousands of birds, specially during spring and fall migrations. The city ranks as just one of the leading hen-watching destinations in the state mainly because of its abundance of clean water and place on the Mississippi Flyway, just one of four key migratory chicken routes in North America.

“During migrations, Chicago draws in some of the greatest numbers of numerous hen species in the state for the reason that they halt here to relaxation and feed in the city’s open up, green spaces in advance of continuing their journeys,” suggests Judy Pollock, president of the Chicago Audubon Society.

Much more than 350 fowl species have been spotted in Chicago through yearly migrations. They go as a result of even though flying from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South The united states to their breeding grounds in the northern U.S. and Canada.

Bobolinks are birds often found in prairies.

In spring, unusual species seen in Chicago contain piping plovers, Kirtland’s warblers, bobolinks, whimbrels and American avocets. Throughout fall migration, birds, which include countless numbers of hawks, halt right here ahead of heading south.

The city’s bird-welcoming community lands are absolutely free to enter. Quite a few are obtainable by means of general public transportation and the city’s extensive bicycle path network. Website visitors can join guided walks and instructional applications hosted by birding groups and character centers.

Lakefront sizzling places

“Some of Chicago’s 613 parks defend globally exceptional purely natural locations, these kinds of as dunes on the lakefront, as perfectly as prairies, wetlands and oak savannas representative of indigenous landscapes located in Illinois ahead of 1400, which is pre-European settlement,” says Matt Freer, Chicago Park District assistant director of landscape, cultural and purely natural assets. According to Freer, 361 chook species have been sighted in the 15-acre Montrose Issue Chicken Sanctuary in Lincoln Park on Chicago’s North Facet.

A bird watcher in the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary in Chicago

Just just after dawn, when birds are most active, birders flock to the sanctuary in spring to see as quite a few as 35 species of vibrant warblers flit all-around the dense thicket of honeysuckle shrub called the “magic hedge.” The thicket flanking a paved path looping by way of the park was planted to camouflage Military barracks, now gone, on the previous Cold War Nike missile internet site. In the sanctuary’s shielded dunes, a pair of unusual piping plovers that regional birders named Monty and Rose return on a yearly basis to nest.

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