May 24, 2024

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Taliban bans polygamy, calls it unnecessary and costly

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New Delhi: Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has issued an purchase banning polygamy amid associates of the team terming it “unnecessary and expensive,” Kabul-based Bakhtar Information Agency reported on Saturday.

The nation, which is an ‘Islamic emirate’ governed beneath Sharia legal guidelines, enables for males to have up to four wives. Polygamy is greatly practiced in Afghanistan. The absence of offspring from the first relationship is considered to be the primary rationale Afghan adult males get multiple wives.

Nevertheless, Akhundzada has emphasised how “Taliban customers ought to stay clear of second, 3rd and fourth marriages” as it’s an high priced affair. The get even more instructed the Amr-ul-Ma’ruf Ministry (Ministry of Enforcement of Advantage and Suppression of Vice) to “identify violators and report to the management.”

In January 2021, a similar decree was issued by the Taliban when it was nevertheless in midst of peace negotiations with the Afghan govt concerning the country’s foreseeable future. The management was concerned about rampant corruption among users who were being on the lookout to raise income to either pay out the bride selling price (dowry compensated by the groom to the bride’s relatives) or maintain their several homes.

The Taliban management also believed that shelling out a substantial sum of money on marriage ceremonies could guide to criticism from their enemies/opponents or from within just the team. 

Polygamy is typical among the the Taliban and most senior customers have more than a single wife. Even the group’s founder Mullah Mohammad Omar reportedly had at minimum three wives. Just one of individuals was Osama Bin Laden’s daughter that had secured an alliance in between the Taliban and al-Qaeda right before the activities of 9/11.

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