June 14, 2024

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Procrastination and low motivation make productivity difficult. Body-doubling might help

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I struggle with procrastination. Even when I know a activity is really important, fully grasp its worth, and want to do it, acquiring began even now feels like going for walks into a 60km/hr headwind.

I wrestle with procrastination simply because I have ADHD, but this is a few other likely triggers: depression, disease, worry, stress, grief, disruptions to schedule, amplified childcare obligations, loss of exterior framework, money worries… 

But who’s knowledgeable any of that around the previous year? Hahahahahahaha *starts off crying*.

The great news is that people today with ADHD have a toolkit for battling procrastination, and they’re resources any one can use.

Physique-doubling is one of my favourites.

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