June 18, 2024

politics of law

Politics and Law

Point Counter Point

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The many perils of today have continually subjugated millions into a realm of reality far removed from their hopes and dreams. The onslaught of tremors from the recent mass shootings, the political unrest in many parts of the world, the continuing never ending global pandemic and the social unrest here in the United States all have exasperated the human conditions the world over.

In the United States where there is so much bitterness between political parties where compromise is never in the equation the seeds of revolt are now being sowed. The latest stimulus bill was just an excuse to lure the public into a false sense of security as they say because the billions of dollars being dispersed into bank accounts all across the country was purposely held up by the IRS and Social Security for they were taking extraordinary steps to ensure the financial institutions profitability. We should not be fooled by the reports that the banks have the public’s best interest in depositing this stimulus funds into customer accounts ASAP. With billions of dollars on the way is too much of a temptation not to profit from.

Even when the public receives government assistance in the form of stimulus funding the uphill battle for millions to attain or regain a quality of life is a battle too many can’t win. The daily struggle for a quality of life that is equal to what America had for millions at the height of our economic dominance of the 1950’s through the 1960’s. This uphill battle being waged today has been going on for far too long. A constant struggle against very formable odds especially today. This seemliness endless battle may very well be impossible to win.

For too many the daily struggles continues to mount. No respite only remorse for millions for they have been and continue to be forsaken by a nation too divided against itself. Whenever there is a glimmer of hope of being rescued of their daily drudgery is swiftly glossed over by deception and deceit by our corporate government.

The greatest wealth disparity around the world has subjugated the masses into accepting their lot in life. Sure, many through due diligence and a certain degree of luck manage to change and alter their quality of life. But, too many are thrown back or are incapable of ever reaching the ladder of upward mobility.

The great economic reset that has ben brewing for years has not only been encouraged but anticipated by the United States economic failings from the past 40 years. Now, when President Biden unveils his new great economic expansion, this New Deal for the 21st century, could it be just too little and too late? Even if this bill is passed and implemented the wheels of the great economic reset will be almost impossible to stop.

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