May 23, 2024

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New bill sets conditions for polygamy in Egypt

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The Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Wednesday that a new draft private standing legislation submitted by member of the Residence of Associates Nashwa al-Deeb has established new disorders for polygamy and next marriages.

Among the these conditions is getting judicial authorization and notifying the initial spouse.

Report 14 of the draft legislation stipulates that “If the husband desires polygamy, he shall post a request to the loved ones court docket decide to notify the wife of his motivation to marry another lady, delivered that she attend the court docket to specific her approval or rejection, and also informs the woman to be married that he has yet another spouse or wives.”

According to Report 15 of the draft private position legislation, “The court docket summons the wife to show up in advance of the judge. If she was summoned in man or woman and does not show up at or refuses to obtain the discover knowing what it includes, this is viewed as her acceptance to polygamy, and so the proceedings fulfill its lawful form.”

As for Report 16 of the draft regulation, it stipulates that “If the 1st wife appears right before the court docket, the choose will talk about with her no matter whether she agrees to polygamy or not. If she refuses to consent to polygamy, and the spouse insists on his ask for, the court docket shall try to make an try to reconcile them.”

If the two functions insist on their positions, and the wife requests a divorce, she will be judged to get her economic legal rights ensuing from the divorce, and the spouse need to deposit them in the court’s treasury inside a thirty day period from the day of the ruling, in any other case he will be viewed as retracting the request for permission to polygamy.

The first paragraph of Post Five of the draft legislation stipulates that “it is not permissible to marry a particular person who has not attained the age of eighteen comprehensive Gregorian yrs.”

The draft regulation stipulates that “Whoever leads to, contracts, agrees, trusts, or testifies to the marriage agreement of a small underneath the age described in this post shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of time of no considerably less than a few months and not exceeding a calendar year.” | Newsphere by AF themes.