July 25, 2024

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Kody Brown Claims to Be ‘Anti-Divorce’ Despite Being Divorced

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Kody Brown and Christine Brown declared their separation just months just before the start out of Sister Wives season 16. The couple’s difficulties performed out in front of TLC’s cameras, and viewers noticed Christine pack up Kody’s issues and essentially evict him from her dwelling in the season finale. Kody even instructed he felt “relief” about the stop of his partnership with Christine. Still, the father of 18 promises he is “anti-divorce,” even although he is legally and now spiritually divorced from two of his four wives. 

Kody Brown says he’s “anti-divorce” in a confessional 

Kody is not the one particular who pulled the plug on his marriage to Christine, but viewers feel he may well as well have. Christine opted to kick Kody out of her bedroom and, effectively, her house when he exposed he was no lengthier fascinated in getting an intimate partnership with her. Sister Wives fans generally agree that Kody emotionally abandons his wives when he is no for a longer period interested in them, so they’ll go away him, and he won’t have to deal with the “karmic” fallout of it all. 

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