May 24, 2024

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Knox County Schools gum-chewing lawsuit student speaks out

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A federal choose dismissed a lawsuit submitted by a Knox County scholar that questioned for a short-term restraining order to limit her classmates from consuming, drinking or chewing gum when in class.

That ruling won’t quit “Jane Doe,” a 14-year-aged ninth-grader at L&N STEM Academy, from attending faculty and advocating for pupils with disabilities, she explained to Knox Information in an exclusive job interview.

Jane suffers from misophonia, a rare problem characterized by an excessive response to listening to particular seems such as chewing gum and food.

“I’m not heading to give up,” Jane explained. “I’ve manufactured so quite a few great good friends and there are so several very good lecturers (at L&N). And it is really a fantastic setting, except for the consuming. … This school has so lots of neat means. I don’t want to have to give that up.” | Newsphere by AF themes.