July 19, 2024

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Jesus Was a First in These 9 Things He Did

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Jesus was an incredible man. He achieved so much in such a short of time. Reading through the bible, I have collected a number of ‘firsts’. These are feats worth noting:

1. Jesus (as part of the trinity) performed the first open surgery. He made Adam go into a deep slumber and removed one of his ribs out which he made Eve… “you are the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh… shall be called woman” It is the first recorded case of surgery in the world hence.

He is a scientist.

2. His first miracle at the Cana of Galilee of changing water into wine is the first true of a modern chemist.

3. In mathematics, He fed 5000 people with two fish and 3 loaves of bread. This defies the underlying principles of multiplication, addition, subtraction and division! We are also told in psalms that he knows the number of hairs on our heads, a mathematical feat of indescribable ingenuity.

4. In physics, Jesus defied laws of gravity by walking on water. This was a rare feat, mind boggling even to modern physics, which have to grapple and contend with the fact that today; only the pond skater is able to walk on water without breaking the surface tension of water. His ascension to heaven was another gravity defying feat.

5. In physics still, Jesus laid the foundation upon which the world hangs, long before scientists came up with theories about the relation between the earth and other celestial bodies…’the earth hangs upon nothing…” proclaimed Isaiah, thousands ago. The Isaac Newtons and Stephen Hawking of this world met their match long before they made their discoveries!

In biology, Jesus used advanced science to join bones into flesh and bones to bring back the dead back to life. Do you remember the story of the Valley of bones in Ezekiel?

6. In law, He was able to interpret the law of the law on Sabbath and paying of taxes…”give to Caesars what belongs to Caesars and to God what belongs to God.

7. Jesus was a literature teacher extraordinaire. He used parables, beatitudes, analogies, sayings,

8. Stories, narratives, imagery and foreboding for effect. Modern literature teacher have got lots of catching up to do.

9. Jesus defied the natural laid laws of science by rising from the dead. Brain death signifies end of life and according to science, a dead body decomposes once necrosis sets in and it is irreversible. Jesus had power over death and hence overruled science.

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