June 13, 2024

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Islamic State ‘Beatle’ sentenced to life for murdering US hostages

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US District Decide TS Ellis in Alexandria,
Virginia, held an emotionally charged sentencing hearing for London-born
Alexanda Kotey, 38, who pleaded guilty to murdering US journalists James Foley
and Steven Sotloff and aid staff Kayla Mueller and Peter Kassig.

Hostages held by Kotey and his fellow
militants nicknamed them “The Beatles” for their British accents. The
hearing incorporated testimony from victims’ kin.

Family members users described the dread of knowing
liked ones had been in captivity, and the grief they felt in the aftermath of their

“I will not despise you,” Kassig’s
mom, Paula Kassig, mentioned to Kotey throughout the hearing. “It would give
unhappiness, discomfort and bitterness much too significantly ability around me. I choose to allow my coronary heart
be damaged open, not damaged apart.”

Kotey’s lawyer said through the court listening to
that, in an energy to “make amends,” Kotey is conference with some
household associates of victims.

Ellis agreed to hold Kotey detained in
Alexandria until July and reported that arrangement would aid individuals

Kotey was a citizen of the United Kingdom, but
the British government withdrew his citizenship. His Islamic Condition cell took
journalists and support personnel hostage, tortured them and circulated videotapes of
ugly beheadings on the online.

Kotey admitted to inflicting torture on
hostages, like waterboarding and electrical shocks with a stun gun.

Kotey’s lawyers had questioned the judge to make a
advice that Kotey not be sent to Supermax prison in Colorado regarded as
ADX Florence, dwelling to some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, which includes
the Mexican drug kingpin, El Chapo.

Ellis declined to make any recommendation to
the Bureau of Prisons about where Kotey will ultimately be sent. That usually means
Kotey is very likely heading to ADX Florence, but the federal Bureau of Prisons has
however to decide where by to ship Kotey.

US authorities experienced recommended British officials
that prosecutors would not search for the death penalty. As element of Kotey’s plea
settlement, US authorities have also agreed to make their best initiatives to
transfer him to a prison in the United Kingdom right after 15 years.

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