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How Kody Brown Gets Political On Twitter

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown expresses his political views online. Here’s everything Kody’s Twitter activity says about his political ideology.

Kody Brown has had an interesting relationship with the law as a polygamist on Sister Wives, and he’s not shy about sharing his political views on Twitter. Kody is an outspoken libertarian and his views on a variety of controversial constitutional conflicts can be found on his social media. From interacting with politicians to sharing his thoughts on guns, here’s everything there is to know about Kody’s political takes.

The polygamist lifestyle of Kody and his four wives has motivated the Sister Wives stars to be politically minded. In every state except for Utah, polygamy is illegal. Even in Utah, living a polygamist lifestyle is a legal infraction, which is comparable to a traffic ticket. Kody is an outspoken member of the polygamist community who doesn’t believe it is criminal to have more than one wife. Polygamy isn’t his only political interest, however. Kody and his family tend to be on the conservative side, but the reality star has sworn his allegiance to the libertarian party. Kody even garnered support from libertarians when he was trying to fight for polygamist rights at the Supreme Court.

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On Twitter, Kody is very open about his political views. In 2016, the unpopular Sister Wives star’s Twitter gained a lot of traction from fans as he had controversial takes on the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In January 2016, Kody tweeted that he believed Trump was “a Big Government Liberal trying to wear Conservative clothing.” Kody further expressed his disdain for liberal and left-leaning politicians in a tweet of his from February 2016 that read, “Bernie, Hilary, Adolph, Vladimir, Joseph, Nikita, Moa, Pol….all ‘good’ intentions. Yeah, right!” Many fans are surprised that Kody, a man leading a taboo life as a polygamist, isn’t more supportive of the more open-minded politicians that helped make marriage equality the law of the land. Kody has cited this Supreme Court decision as an impetus for polygamist progress. Regardless of how unconventional plural marriage is, Kody’s tweets establish that he remains conservative-leaning.

Fans think that the conflict on Sister Wives is fake. Although the stars promise Sister Wives is unscripted, others assert that it's partially fake.

It’s unclear if Sister Wives star Kody voted for Donald Trump or libertarian candidates in the past elections, but he has continued to express his unpredictable political beliefs on Twitter. In January 2020, Kody invited a libertarian presidential candidate to lunch, writing, “Hi Adam, I have been following you for a few months (I think?). Let’s have lunch!” Most recently, Kody wrote about his passion for gun rights. In response to a tweet from Dave Vescio that asked, “How would you feel / react if you found out your next door neighbor had over 40 guns and over 10,000 rounds of ammunition,” Kody retorted, “Instant friends! ‘Wanna go train?'” While this tweet might not be very popular among Kody’s more progressive fans, it’s no surprise that the Sister Wives star is in support of a traditional libertarian ideal like owning guns.

Understandably, Kody’s political alignment is perplexing to many. Although the Browns are some of the polygamist movement’s most prominent figures, he isn’t aligned with progressive parties that are known for advancing equal rights. From arguing against gun control to mild support for Donald Trump, Kody’s Twitter gives a detailed explanation of the Sister Wives star’s complicated political ideology.

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