July 25, 2024

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Florida’s Unjust Law

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Case of Jennifer Mee

Florida woman Jennifer Mee was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in 2013 after being convicted of first degree murder. If you think she deserved to be locked up for life then you may like to think again once you read to details of Jennifer’s case which are:

Jennifer set up a date with a young man she got in touch with on Facebook but with the intention of robbing him. Her male companions carried out the mugging and it was during this process that the victim was fatally shot. Under Florida law, all participants in a fatal robbery are as equally guilty of murder as the one who pulled the trigger.

There are aspects of this crime which are wrong but the chief one is Jennifer being charged with first degree murder.

Why is this wrong?

Here is your answer:

Jennifer did not ever intend to kill the victim nor ever wanted him to perish.

This means that Jennifer is not guilty of murder but of manslaughter according to the dictionary.

There are some horrific murder cases about so how does her case compare with others in Florida?

Jennifer did not actually kill the victim yet has received the same sentence as America’s most violent killers.

There have been other contributing or rather mitigating factors which have been put forth in Jennifer’s defence and one of them is that she was beaten by an ex-boyfriend and had this and that done to her when she was young.

I have told Jennifer in my correspondence with her that the people who had done that stuff to her are not responsible for the choices she has made.

She did take that onboard. (hopefully)

The case received a lot of public attention due to Jennifer’s notoriety. As a teenager she was suffering from an incurable bout of hiccups, appearing on national TV. In this and other high-profile cases all kinds of emotions get stirred up but the judge is supposed to rise above all of that. It appears in this case he did not.

Apart from her sentence of life without parole which is grossly unjust it is impossible to see how Jennifer could have received a fair trial with the media circus reporting on this case.

The judge is supposed to rise above all the emotion and hype but is it possible that te judge in this case did not?

I have written to US politicians about all of this and never received a single reply.

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