July 24, 2024

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Politics and Law

Faith and Politics

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Often, I have heard individuals say that the most controversial topics in life involve religion and politics. What they don’t probably think about is the fact that most people have faith in something, but it might not fit into a traditional definition – God, a group, freedom, their career or even a pet.

And politics is not just the formal system that we recognize through voting and governance. In fact, politics is part of absolutely everything that we do!

The two, faith and politics in fact, are very much tied together. We tend to think that the political party that we support should reflect and support the faith ideas that we value. That doesn’t always happen though, especially when there is a one strong party that has enough seats that they can rule over everyone without considering the perspectives of the other parties.

True democracy allows everyone to have input and considers the needs of all citizens.

Our most recent elections was a surprise to many. Some people were disappointed while others were very angry with the results.

We have had twelve minorities over the years in Canada at the federal level. The good news is that, in Canada, a lot of very important things occurred as a result of minority governments. The Canadian flag, health care system and Canada Pension Plan are only three in a long list of items that were passed during these times.

You see, the way our system works, is that if a minority party experiences non-confidence because they make a proposal that cannot pass in the House of Commons, an election and new government has to be formed. In order to avoid this type of situation, parties need to work together and create bills that will receive enough votes to pass.

So, right now in Canada, we see a country that is very divided. There are pockets of support where the constituents feel threatened that they will not be heard and that their needs will not be met.

If our new government is wise, however, will recognize that all parts of Canada not only need to be considered but also that action has to be undertaken to ensure that what happens over the next few months will benefit all parts of Canada.

If this doesn’t occur, and those in power do not listen or consider their options wisely, it won’t take long until non-confidence will occur, and we will be looking at yet another election!

I think we can all learn from what is before us. If we are not willing to consider the needs and wants of our neighbours and work in a collaborative manner, we will soon lose respect and confidence from others.

There is nothing we can do about the election results but there is plenty that we can do regarding the way that we conduct ourselves in our personal dealings!

Are you a person who is willing to work with others for the benefit of everyone?

Federal, provincial or personal – it’s all about faith and politics!

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