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Different Methods on Keeping Chickens

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Keeping chicken can be a very thrilling activity especially for those who love them. Depending on the reason behind keeping the birds, the choice of birds will also determine the method of keeping them. People who keep chickens as pets may not need to take very elaborate grilling on the art of keeping chickens. Nonetheless, chickens are all the same in one aspect, thus the food they eat and problems that may affect them.

Free-range method

The free-range method means the hens are free to roam around in a secure area. This time old method has been practiced in several parts of the world with great success. Letting the hens roam around has great benefits to both the hens and the farmer.

The hens are able to balance their diet naturally by foraging for insects and pests and even vegetables and fruits as they roam the vicinity. As they eat the pests and other insects in the farm, they automatically assist the farmer in pest control.

Chicken that are kept using this method have been proven to produce better quality of eggs in comparison to the factory bred ones. Keeping chicken is an activity that is not restricted to any particular group of people. Any one who is old enough to comprehend the needs of the birds can keep chickens.

It is however crucial to verify the existing laws governing the keeping of chickens more so for people living in cities. One thing however, that should be taken into consideration by any body who wants to keep chicken is the fact that roosters are very loud and quite aggressive especially if there are more than one in a single flock. Roosters will always have territorial wars besides crowing, a trait that may make them quite intolerable to some people.

Factory method

This method though viewed to be very harsh to the birds is best for people who intend to keep chickens in large quantities and for commercial purposes. In this method the chicken are kept in built structures that resemble coops, all their needs is then brought into the coops as they are not allowed to move out of their structure at any given time.

The farmer even controls the temperatures in the structure by the use of electric or any other power source. One thing most people distaste about the factory method is the way chicken are subjected to artificial conditions in order to maximize production.

Basic needs

Chicken will however require certain basic needs regardless of the method used to breed them. These basic needs will include frequent vaccination against potential infections, good food and clean healthy environment to live in.

Chickens remain productive animals to keep for whatever reason; they provide us with a self-sufficient life-style. If you keep a small kitchen garden, chicken will also provide a good and reliable source of organic manure that will keep your garden in a very fertile condition.

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