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Bedouins skirt Israeli law against polygamy

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To circumvent the Israeli law that prohibits polygamy, Odeh, 57, from the village of Lakiya, north of Beersheba in the northern Negev, obtained himself a 2nd spouse as a result of the so-identified as cohabitation marriage. The relationship-like connection is concluded under a doc ratified by a attorney without having registering a marriage deal in the Sharia courts.

Odeh, a member of the Bedouin tribe who refused to expose his entire title for panic of authorized repercussions, explained to Al-Check, “I opted for this type of unofficial marriage to keep my initial wife from getting rid of Israeli Nationwide Insurance policies advantages. I needed a 2nd husband or wife to extend my spouse and children. Our tribe values significant families and polygamy, even if in some instances owning a 2nd spouse without the consent of the to start with a person would cause a variety of relatives complications that may possibly culminate in divorce.” 

His to start with spouse opposed his new partnership at first, but eventually accepted it to stay away from having a divorce. And must the next spouse report the new marriage to judicial authorities, the spouse could confront arrest for polygamy, and she would wrestle to aid her small children and offer for their wants by yourself.

Israel’s National Insurance coverage Institute (NII), which manages condition welfare gains, does not figure out polygamous families.

The NII does not obligate the gentleman to spend alimony to the spouse married through cohabitation in the occasion of divorce. He would, on the other hand, be bound to pay out little one aid. 

Odeh argued that Israeli authorities want to curtail polygamy to lower Bedouin birth fees and idea the demographic harmony in favor of Jews.

Lately, the so-referred to as cohabitation relationship has unfold among the Bedouins in the Negev, permitting a comprehensive marital connection without having any formal papers. The person and girls would live in a person residence and fulfill at unique occasions, with the appropriate to return to their pre-marriage household property. The pair would typically concur not to have children. Proponents justify it as a authentic exercise, equivalent to authorized marriage.

On Could 27, 2019, the Israeli Knesset accredited an modification to the Citizenship Law banning a number of marriages amongst Arab Israelis, whereby the supplemental wives would not be registered in the populace registry.

But Israeli police and public prosecutors confess that they have been unable to enforce the regulation. According to a July 2021 report by Haaretz newspaper, associates of the police and the prosecution stated that polygamous males have been circumventing the regulation in different approaches, such as registering their next marriage as cohabitation and fabricating a fictive divorce.

In accordance to the Haaretz report, the General public Prosecution has served indictments to only close to 4.5% of polygamous gentlemen since 2018.

Tutorial studies from 2018 indicated that the proportion of cohabitation relationship amid the Bedouin Arabs in the Negev ranged between 20% and 40%, and that 75% of polygamous gentlemen married only a person other woman. Israeli Arabs do not sign up their marriages at the official Israeli registries. 

The Demography Sector at the Israeli Central Bureau of Figures counted 6,680 polygamous gentlemen in southern Israel, wherever most Bedouins are living, with 834 new kinds extra between 2017 and 2019.

According to data launched at the finish of 2021 by the bureau, Israel’s populace is about 9.449 million, which includes 6.982 million (74%) Jews, 1.99 million (21%) Arabs, and 472,000 (5%) other. 

Safaa Shehadeh, a Nazareth-based political and social activist who will work for the Gals for Life Affiliation, advised Al-Observe, “Polygamy is however a common phenomenon in the southern areas in the cities and villages of the Negev. The Israeli law acknowledges only a single spouse. But if the partner decides to engage in (cohabitation), the Israeli authorities would have to realize these gals as legal wives and will impose penalties against the partner for violating the Israeli legislation banning polygamy.”

She extra, “Meanwhile, Israel’s NII treats polygamous people as 1 prolonged family members to steer clear of paying positive aspects to just about every individual and youngster inside the relatives individually. This is aimed to lower bills and ease the burdens on the state.”

The biggest difficulty is when the spouse holds a inexperienced identification card, indicating that she was living in the Palestinian territories. “In this circumstance, the Israeli authorities do not identify her, no matter whether she was a first, next or even 3rd wife, and she is not granted short term residence,” Shehadeh stated. “She may even be expelled into the Palestinian Authority spots.” 

Polygamy in the Negev stems from Bedouin customs, Shehadeh stated, but “this phenomenon, however, is occasionally joined to violence against females. Some women find them selves forced to acknowledge a second spouse and even bear insults and psychological and physical violence in purchase to continue to be with their youngsters.”

Hanan al-Asam, an activist from Beersheba, instructed Al-Observe that polygamy is commonplace in Negev tribal culture in the Negev due to the fact “these tribes want to mature in number and they typically understand polygamy as a supply of delight for males.”

Asam extra, “This type of marriage aims to deceive the NII to pay back the profit allowances to these prolonged households. The major reason for resorting to this relationship is to bypass the Israeli legislation prohibiting polygamy, which imposes an imprisonment sentence and a good.”

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