July 25, 2024

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Africa And The Middle East: People Destined For Greatness

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Throughout Global History mankind has always emigrated from a place of hardship to a place of perceived ease. This is the reason why the governments of European nations in earlier times besieged Africa looting away the continent’s natural and human resources. Such practices continued even after the abolition of slavery when these self-imposed colonialists brought more problems and conflicts to Africa and the Middle East. They unseated legitimate governments, sponsored rebellion, orchestrated cessation of nations, divided and ruled the people through all kinds of evils that would eventually set-back a people destined for greatness.


In their ideology, the colonial governments thought that: creating chaos across the globe meant their own improved security; or that the continued manipulation of the lives of others perceived to be ‘less-man’ or ‘less-mankind’ would set them on a path to total world dominion. Part of this destructive ideology (as they are now finding out) is the freedom they give to themselves while denying others. The most obvious being that: they give themselves the right to life yet enslave others; they legalize sex change, lesbianism, gay rights yet deprive others the practice of polygamy; they expose the fineries of their women, using the women themselves as jewelries for the men yet deny descent women the right to modest dressing; they teach scientific values but without the values for good countenance and good character that build leaders with sincere conscience.

Gradually, the fire of corruption and greed with which the colonial governments continued to invade the two continents (Africa and the Middle East) became the habits of the oppressed people of these continents which are now at their worst times ever because of the worsening poverty, lack of peace and security, hunger crises and bad leadership in many of the nations. With poor infrastructure in most of the countries and war raging between rival factions, the populations have been displaced and set loose in their millions – leaving their homelands behind – in the quest to conquer less troubled lands with greater prospect of a peaceful life and easy livelihood. These lands not surprisingly, are those of the greedy beings who, in the first place, set the motion for the current collapse of these continents.


The United Nations must not seat back and talk idly without action. It must make conscious and informed intervention that will make the migrants more secure in their homelands. International laws must be established to ensure that:

1. The United Nations as a world ‘body’ becomes the only organisation that intervenes in political conflicts of governments across the globe. These interventions which are to restore peace and order to any nation engulfed in violent conflicts can be by way of diplomatic talks or military intervention. All nations, states or countries must be disallowed from making such interventions.

2. Countries that produce fire-arms, military equipments or military hard-wares must stop selling their products to terrorist groups, rebel organisations and illegitimate governments all over the world. Such a business through middle men (individuals or companies) must seize to exist. The sales must be to only legitimate governments of nations and must be direct and not through intermediaries.

3. The use of economic sanctions that only create more hardship for the ordinary citizen and leads to the collapse of countries and eventual chaos when the economy and development of such countries are put on a halt must be stopped immediately.


While setting out the modalities for THE PATH TO RESOLUTION, it should be expressly communicated to all that any politicking regarding gains or benefits to stakeholders must be swept into the rubbish bin. Values such as Peace, Love, Generosity, Honesty, Compassion, Justice, Equity, Restoration of Hope, Fairness and Sincerity must be the underlying bases for discussion and resolution.

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