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5 Marketing Tips to Help You Generate More Clients For Your Family Law Firm

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5 Marketing Tips to Help You Generate More Clients For Your Family Law Firm

Although your family law practice deals with serious legal matters, it’s also important to remember that it’s a business like any other. This means you’ll have to dedicate some of your time to family law marketing to ensure your business continues to grow consistently. In addition to consulting a marketing firm that has experience in helping attorneys, you can use the following tips to market your firm more successfully.

Start Writing in Your Blog

Many attorneys ignore the importance of making regular blog posts without realizing that this is a free and useful marketing tool. Every business, including small law firms, is best able to grow when they take the time to develop a positive brand image for themselves. This starts with routinely writing engaging and informative blog posts that are based in the area of their expertise.

Spend Time on Social Media

Although you should start out with accounts on all of the major social media sites, you should taper off until you’re just writing for the two or three sites that provide you with the most social interaction. By posting links to your blog and using relevant hashtags, you’ll reach more users and gain a bigger following. You should also spend some time replying to comments, liking posts in which your account has been tagged, and responding to replies to your posts. These interactions will help you earn a positive brand image online.

Recognize the Importance of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app advertising is on the rise, and you can use it as a part of your family law marketing strategy to help you raise awareness about your services. You never know when someone using an app will need your services. As they see your ad, they may click your link or save your firm’s phone number. Mobile app advertising also makes it easier for users to share your website link with friends and on social media.

Ask For Referrals

While it’s unethical to share private information about your clients, it’s perfectly okay for you to ask your clients to submit referrals and testimonials. You can offer a small discount on your services to encourage your clients to refer others or to write a positive testimonial. You can post those testimonials on your website and share them on your social media pages. As online users see that others have benefited from your legal services, they will be more likely to consult you with their own family law issues.

Always Include a Call to Action

Every social media post and every blog post should end with a call to action. Even though you may have contact information for your law firm available elsewhere on your website, you should make it as easy as possible for online users to contact you. At the end of each blog post, encourage your blog readers to contact you and leave your office phone number.

If you offer free initial consultations or a discount on your services, mention those features as well. A strong call to action will increase your conversion rates, which is essential in getting a strong return on investment from your website. Marketing any type of law firm requires meeting certain standards for taste and ethics, which is why visiting Forward Lawyer Marketing online at https://www.fwd-lawyermarketing.com/ should be your first stop.

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